Development and Stormwater Permitting

MSD provides technical review and inspection services for all land disturbance activities in Jefferson County and for extensions of the sanitary sewer system within its service area. This page provides links to permitting instructions, requirements, forms and applications.

Forms and Applications

Certain activities require payment of review and inspection services. MSD encourages the use of its development application eServices Portal for payment of charges. Use of this portal will also enable an applicant to get e-mail updates on the status of the application.

For questions regarding eServices Portal payment and charges, email [Do not use an AOL email account. It will not work with the MSD email system]  or refer to the FAQ.

For instructions for creating an account or for a one-time payment option, select the following:  New Account Guide or Guest Payments Guide.

Louisville MSD’s Development Review Department reviews proposed land disturbing activities on behalf of the community to advocate for public health, safety and protection in accordance with Louisville MSD’s mission and the Louisville and Jefferson County Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control (EPSC) and Floodplain Ordinances. The review of these projects generally consists of analysis of: drainage (adjacent to, and downstream of, the proposed development), grading, easements, sanitary sewer service, Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control (EPSC), water quality, floodplain management, and any additional permitting requirements.

MSD’s review of land disturbing activity in Jefferson County can generally be classified into three permitting categories:  Single Family, Demolition or Small Commercial, Small Site Disturbance, and Large Site Disturbance. These three categories, as well as typical permitting requirements for each are described below. Clicking on the category types below will also lead to a site with more information.

Single Family, Demolition or Small Commercial

MSD’s Single Family, Demolition or Small Commercial Permit is utilized for Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control for land disturbing activity related to single family home construction, demolition projects as well as commercial / multi-family construction with less than 2,000 square feet of disturbance. Projects for this permit typically include:

  • Construction of single family homes
  • Construction of most garages
  • Construction of driveways, decks, and / or patios
  • Construction of building additions
  • Land disturbance for construction of swimming pools
  • Demolition
  • Commercial Construction < 2000 sq. ft. disturbance

These projects are typically reviewed and permitted at the MSD Customer Counter, located at MSD’s Main Office at 700 West Liberty Street. Customers are seen on a walk-in basis, and receive a permit the same day if the work is approved.

* Please note that MSD’s Single Family, Demolition or Small Commercial Permit is for Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control only

Site Disturbance Permit

The Louisville and Jefferson County Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Ordinance outlines that all land disturbance in excess of 2,000 square feet requires a Site Disturbance Permit.

A Small Site Disturbance Permit is utilized for all projects that disturb over 2,000 square feet, but less than one acre. Additional permitting requirements are initiated with disturbance that exceeds one acre. Projects for this permit typically include:

  • Construction of commercial developments
  • Construction of multi-family developments
  • Drainage improvement / alteration projects

A Large Site Disturbance Permit is utilized for all projects that consist of land disturbing activity greater than one acre. These projects require additional permits and / or submittals than projects that are classified as Small Site Disturbance projects. Projects that require a Large Site Disturbance Permit typically include:

  • Construction of subdivisions
  • Large commercial / industrial developments

Other permitting instruction, requirement, forms and applications can be found in the links below.

Stormwater Forms

Lateral Extension of Sanitary Sewer Lines

Easements, Right-of-Way and Right-of-Way Entry

Standard Drawings, Design Manual, Specifications & AutoCAD Sample Drawings


Miscellaneous MSD Forms and Documents

There are many other factors that potentially affect the review and permitting of land disturbing activities. Some of these factors require additional permitting, which often includes review and approval of other agencies. Some of these factors are:

The Louisville / Jefferson County Information Consortium (LOJIC) is a resource that can assist the community in identifying some of these potential factors.