Senior Citizen Discount Program

The MSD Senior Citizen Discount Program provides a 30 percent discount on MSD wastewater charges to qualifying low-income seniors. Participants must reapply for the program annually.


  • 30% discount applies to MSD wastewater service charges, wastewater volume charges and consent decree surcharges
  • Discount will become effective on next billing cycle following approval

Jefferson County Senior Discount in-person appointments link

Bullitt and Oldham counties Online Senior Discount application  

Mail-in option for all MSD customers:

Mail-in application

Solicitud por correo en español


Eligibility requirements:

  • Named customers with MSD
  • Must be receiving metered water service for a property used solely for residential purposes, and owned or leased by customer as principal residence
  • Not receiving MSD’s Emergency Wastewater Rate Assistance Program (EWRAP) discount
  • Total annual household income at or below $35,000