Consultant Professional Information System

To assist MSD in its procurement processes, MSD has created a web application for use by professional consulting firms desiring to do work for MSD. On an annual basis MSD solicits expressions of interest from the general consultant community and requests that they enter information into the “Consultant Professional Information System”. The submittal of company information is not mandatory to obtain contracts from MSD, but it assists MSD in evaluating the pool of potential and existing contracted and subcontracted firms. Both licensed professionals (such as an engineer, architect, attorney, CPA, etc) and other consulting firms may submit their qualifications to MSD for consideration.

The selection of and contracting with licensed engineering and other professional services firms from a pre-qualified list without any additional procurement, is allowed under MSD’s Procurement Regulations. This method of procurement may be used for work for which the scope of services can be easily defined and is relatively routine and is used for sewer expansion and drainage projects quite often. In this process, MSD solicits statements of qualifications and company information from the general consultant community (now using the above referenced website). The information submitted would then be used and evaluated for the selection of consultants for various projects.

All professional consulting firms (licensed and not licensed) interested in submitting company information to MSD, should go to and run the “Consultant Professional Information System" application. First time users should follow the instructions found in the Help section of the application.

The requested data in this web application is the only information needed by MSD. Do not submit promotional brochures, resumes or extra material beyond what is requested in the application.

Submit your company information to:

Questions should be submitted to MSD.