Storm wa·ter n: Surface water resulting from rain or snow. 
When it rains or snows, all that stormwater has to go somewhere. First the stormwater runoff makes its way into drainage swales, channels, storm drains and pipes that carry it away from our homes and businesses. Then it flows into creeks and streams, and in our area, eventually to the Ohio River. Along its journey, stormwater accumulates soil and pollutants—like lawn chemicals, pet waste and oil—which can harm our waterways.
To make sure that our waterways stay safe and clean, MSD Stormwater service monitors for pollutants and removes illegal non-stormwater discharges. It’s a big task that covers most of Jefferson County and approximately 680,500 people.*
*The cities of Anchorage, Jeffersontown, St. Matthews and Shively provide residents and businesses in those municipalities with stormwater/drainage service.


For instructions, requirements, forms and applications, please follow the links below:

Development and Stormwater Permitting

Water Quality

Green Infrastructure Program