Classroom Education

Resources for K-12 Classroom Education

MSD offers in-classroom educational opportunities using water as the teaching tool. Our programs align to content standards and bring the water use cycle to students using hands on demonstrations.

Field Trips

We offer a free field trip to tour a wastewater treatment facility at the Parklands of Floyds Fork. Visitors get to see what MSD does to the water that leaves toilets and drains to make it clean enough to put back into the Ohio River. Request a field trip here.

The Water Cycle

The River to River link below provides an illustrated path of water's journey from the Ohio River into homes and businesses, then through treatment plants and back to the river.


Louisville Water Cycle
Learn all about how water moves from the Ohio River into homes and back again to the river.


Video Tours of MSD Services

Click the tunnel image to take video tours of all three utility services MSD provides: Wastewater Treatment, Flood Protection, and Stormwater Drainage.


Video tours of MSD services
Take video tours of MSD's wastewater, flood protection, and drainage services.