Supplier Diversity Program

MSD’s Supplier Diversity Program has worked since 1985 to increase participation of qualified minority and woman-owned businesses in contracts to perform work in  our core business areas:

  • Construction and construction-related services
  • Engineering and other professional services
  • Materials, commodities and services procurements

We have programs aimed separately at boosting certified Minority and Woman Business Enterprises (MBE/WBE) in becoming prime contractors or subcontractors.

Prime Contractor Bid Discounts: 

During bid evaluations on projects estimated between $40,000 and $500,000, the total dollar amount of each MBE/WBE prime contractor bid is reduced by 10 percent to arrive at a net evaluation price. The contract is awarded at 100 percent of the pre-reduced bid amount. Table 1 details groups eligible for bid discounts.

Construction Subcontracting Goals – MBE and WBE Participation: 

  • On contracts valued by MSD at $200,000 or more
  • At least 35% should be subcontracted to eligible MBE and WBE firms
  • Eligible MBE and WBE ethnic and gender groups are outlined below in Table 2

Engineering and Other Professional Services Contracts

  • MBE/WBE aspirational participation subcontracting goals are 15 percent MBE and 6 percent WBE participation for engineering and professional services procurements estimated at $100,000 and greater.

MBE and/or WBE Certification  

All MBE and WBEs who participate in MSD subcontracts and other procurements must be certified and MSD recognized and approved before submitting a bid, quote and/or proposal and commencing work on an MSD subcontract. MSD will accept national, federal, state and/or local certifications from any one of the following organizations and their regional affiliate offices for the purpose of supplier diversity inclusion of MBEs and WBEs on our bids, including RFQs, RFPS, design build projects, etc.

*MSD accepts SBA 8(a) HRC and KY Finance and Administration Cabinet MBE and WBE certification only.
*HRC and the KY Finance Cabinet must perform a desk review and conduct a site visit. 

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