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Clearing the Air: The MSD clAIRity Program

The MSD clAIRity Program is our proactive odor control initiative designed to reduce sewer and wastewater treatment odors now and into the future. Every year, MSD invests millions of dollars in odor control measures including chemical, biological and thermal oxidation technologies.

Going forward, we will employ even more sophisticated tools to eventually achieve our goal of “no-nuisance” conditions across all of our Water Quality Treatment Centers. These tools include scientific identification and quantification of odors and partnering with research firms to evaluate each of our Water Quality Treatment Centers. 

Our multi-year Odor Control Master Plan includes strategic investments to make improvements to the system that reduce odors caused by sewer and wastewater treatment processes.


With Your Help, We Can Reduce Odors

Let’s face it: Sewer and wastewater treatment is an “odorous” endeavor; it just comes with the territory. However, while MSD can’t stop all the smells that naturally occur when sewage and other materials decompose, we can help manage them – with your partnership.

If you experience sewer odors, call 502.540.6000 or fill out this form to report the order. The sooner we hear from you, the better the chance of identifying the source and addressing the problem.


Common Sources of Odors

Water Quality Treatment Centers

Pump Stations

Catch Basins

Creeks, Streams or Drainage Ditch

If you experience any sewer odors, contact us right away at 502.540.6000 or email CustomerRelations@LouisvilleMSD.org. The sooner we hear from you the better chance we have of identifying the source.

Odor Control Technologies

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Odor Brochure

To report a sewage-related odor, please call MSD's Customer Service at 502.540.6000.

Community update meetings on MSD Odor Control efforts

Upcoming meetings

March 28, 2023 online 6pm - 7pm

Available live online at meeting start time at this meeting link

Additional information and how to attend the meetings virtually will be posted prior to each meeting.

Past Meetings (click to view)

November 29, 2022: Downtown/Highlands

September, 13 2022: Morris Forman Water Quality Treatment Center

July 12, 2022: Cedar Creek Water Quality Treatment Center

April 12, 2022: Derek R. Guthrie WQTC

Jan 11, 2022: Hite Creek WQTC

Nov 9, 2021: Morris Forman WQTC


MSD clAIRity Survey

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