Being a good neighbor is important to us. We have several service programs that help us promote safe, clean waterways for our community by decreasing the likelihood of sewer overflows; by removing pollutants from rainwater before it reaches our waterways; and prevent erosion.


Downspout Disconnection Program

Reducing the amount of rainwater in the combined sewer system

Through this program you can receive a one-time incentive of $100 for each downspout disconnected from the wastewater system on your property. Call for an inspection BEFORE altering your downspouts.



Know the 3 P’s of Potty Safety – Pee, Poo and Paper

There are serious consequences when items that should not be flushed through plumbing end up at MSD’s Water Quality Treatment Centers. Learn more about the MSD Bowl Patrol and how you can help protect your home and business.


Plumbing Modification Program

Helping protect homes by decreasing basement backups

MSD covers the cost of installing a sewer backflow-prevention device, or an ejector pump, in the customer’s basement to greatly cut the risk of sewer backing up from the floor drain into the home.


Mowing Program

Maintaining our creeks, streams and drainage channels

MSD hires contractors to mow the banks of several creeks, streams and major drainage channels throughout Louisville Metro.


Green Infrastructure Program

Following nature's example

This program is focused on utilizing natural or engineered systems that mimic natural processes, like allowing rainwater to soak into the soil before reaching drainage or sewer systems.


Urban Reforestation Program

Promoting our tree canopy

MSD plants 1,000 trees annually by working with local businesses, municipal organizations and neighborhood associations. These trees redirect stormwater away from the sewer system, which decreases sewer overflows into our waterways.


Louisville Green

Recycling and fertilizing

MSD dries biosolids collected at our five Water Quality Treatment Centers to produce a high-quality fertilizer.