Engineering and Other Professional Services

The procurement of engineering and other similar professional services is covered under the Kentucky Model Procurement Code, Chapter 45A, and Section 2C of MSD's Procurement Regulations. There are three different types of procurement methods allowed:

  1. The procurement of services under the small purchase provisions, normally less than $40,000 (Section 2E). Procurement by means of small purchases is used when a general service contract is not available and there is a need for a specific service of a low dollar amount (less than $40,000).
  2. The procurement of services by solicitation of qualifications and/or the solicitation of proposals (Section 2E). Solicitations by means of requests for qualifications or requests for proposals are utilized for most major or specialized scope contracts. Depending on the service level necessary, we may solicit qualifications, short list to five or less firms, and request proposals from the short listed firms.
  3. The selection of engineering services from a prequalified list (Section 2D). This category of standard project specific procurements deals with the process of "prequalifying" of engineering professionals. This method of procurement is generally used for work for which the scope of services can be easily defined and is relatively routine, such as sewer expansion projects and drainage projects. In this process, MSD, on a regular basis, solicits from the general engineering community general qualifications which will be used and evaluated for various projects.

MSD has made the Procurement Regulations available for download.

Consulting Firms

Professional consulting firms interested in doing work for MSD should log into MSD's Consultant Professional Information System and provide MSD with the requested information. This is not mandatory to obtain contracts from MSD, but it assists MSD in evaluating the pool of potential and existing contracted and subcontracted firms.