Louisville Green Nitrogen Fertilizer

Quality Nitrogen Fertilizer

Person holding Louisville Green soil amendment pellets in handMSD produces an organic-based nitrogen fertilizer called Louisville Green. It is created from the biosolids removed from wastewater as it undergoes treatment in our five Wastewater Quality Treatment Centers before we return it to local waterways. The resulting product is a tool to help enhance soil while we work to provide safe, clean waterways.

The separated biosolids are heat-dried at high temperatures to get rid of harmful pathogens and create the nontoxic, earthy-smelling pelletized product we call Louisville Green. Since 2004 Louisville Green has been used by sod farmers and home owners, as well as golf and sports-field groundskeepers.  Mound of Louisville Green soil amendment pellets

Louisville Green heat-dried pellets stay in the soil longer. The slow release means fewer applications are needed. Chemicals that dissolve too quickly can lead to prolific algae growth and depletion of the oxygen supply fish and other life forms need to survive.

MSD processes and distributes approximately 10,000 dry tons of Louisville Green annually. That saves more than 1 million cubic feet of landfill space per year. Louisville Green also meets the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s stringent requirements for land applied biosolids.


Haulers of Louisville Green must maintain a copy of the Louisville Green Transportation Packet

Louisville Green brochure

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