Plumbing Modification Program


Backflow Prevention

If you have experienced a rain-related sewer backup through a basement-plumbing fixture—floor drain, shower, toilet or sink—or live in an area of documented wet-weather backups, MSD’s Plumbing Modification Program can help.

To date, backflow prevention devices have helped more than 17,000 customers protect their basements from sewer backups. If approved, MSD will pay a licensed plumbing contractor to install the overflow prevention devices to your plumbing layout.

Sump Pump Disconnection

To minimize the amount of rainwater entering your community’s wastewater system, MSD offers sump pump disconnection to help you modify and correct improperly installed drainage connections.

The typical 8-inch neighborhood sanitary sewer pipe can become overwhelmed with as few as eight sump pumps connected to the system. MSD’s Plumbing Modification Program pays for a licensed plumber to disconnect the sump pump from the sanitary sewer and redirect the water in a safe and effective way.

Follow these steps if you are interested in either MSD’s Backflow Prevention or Sump Pump Disconnection:

1. Contact MSD Customer Relations at 502.540.6000 to request a Plumbing Modification packet or Sump Pump Disconnection packet.

2. Sign the enclosed Release and obtain bids from two licensed plumbers.

3. Mail the Release and the two bids to MSD.

Plumbing Modification Program

Louisville MSD

PO Box 740011

Louisville, KY 40201-7411

4. If you’re approved for the program, you will receive a letter from MSD authorizing the amount of the lowest bid.

5. If it is determined that your property is not eligible for the program, you will receive a letter from MSD stating the reasons for denial.

6. If approved, contact your plumbing contractor to schedule the installation of the devices.

7. An MSD representative will contact you to schedule an inspection of the installation upon receipt of the final invoice from your plumber.

8. Plumbing Modification Program installations require inspections by the state for plumbing—and electrical work if a sump pump is installed. Additionally, MSD must perform a final inspection for payment approval.

9. MSD issues payment to the plumber after final inspection.

If you have any questions or would like more info on the Plumbing Modification Program, contact Customer Relations at 502.540.6000 or


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