Mowing Program

One to four times a year, you’ll see MSD contractors mowing MSD-owned properties, major drainage channels, and certain channels and easements throughout Louisville Metro that are too large and deep for normal lawn care equipment.* This mowing schedule depends on weather and ground conditions, proximity to residential areas and growth observed during inspections.

There are also some large channels which have been designated as 'No Mow Zones' or 'Restoration Areas' because they have been planted with native vegetation beneficial to the environment by providing erosion control, and by preserving or improving stream habitats.

If you would like to see if a property is part of the Mowing Program, check here.

*The cities of Anchorage, Jeffersontown, St. Matthews and Shively provide residents and businesses in those municipalities with stormwater/drainage service. However, MSD is responsible for mowing certain channels in these municipalities.