Emergency Wastewater Rate Assistance Program

EWRAP Applications Closed

The application period for the 2023/2024 program year will be announced soon. Check back for updates.

The Emergency Wastewater Rate Assistance Program (EWRAP) provides a 30 percent discount on MSD wastewater charges to qualifying low-income customers.


  • 30% discount applies to MSD wastewater service charges, wastewater volume charges and consent decree surcharges
  • Discount will become effective on next billing cycle following approval
Online EWRAP application

Mail-in option:

English mail-in application
Solicitud por correo en español

Eligibility requirements:

  • Named customers with MSD
  • Must be receiving metered water service for a property used solely for residential purposes, and owned or leased by customer as principal residence
  • Not currently receiving MSD’s Senior Citizen discount as of date of application
  • Total household income* at or below 150% of the poverty line (see table below) and with supporting documentation


*Total household income defined as the combined taxable and non-taxable income of ALL persons living at the address, including:

  • Wages or salaries
  • Pensions
  • Gross income from self-employment (IRS Form 1040 Schedule C)
  • Child or spousal support
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Unemployment benefits
  • Disability payments of SSDI
  • Social Security
  • Rent or royalty income
  • Insurance or legal settlements
  • Interest or dividends from savings accounts, stocks, bonds, or retirement accounts
  • Proceeds-sales price (IRS Form 1040 Schedule D)
  • Cash income or gifts
  • Scholarships and grants

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