Components of a Wastewater Collection System

BUILDING SEWERS, also known as PROPERTY SERVICE CONNECTIONS (PSCs), are what connect a building's internal wastewater collection system to the municipal sewer system. PSCs can connect to a lateral, main or trunk sewer line.

LATERAL & BRANCH SEWERS are the upper ends of the municipal sewer system. Laterals dead-end at their upstream end with branch sewers collecting the wastewater from several lateral sewer lines.

MAIN SEWERS are collectors for numerous lateral and branch sewers from an area of several hundred acres or a specific neighborhood or housing development They convey the wastewater to larger trunk sewer lines, to lift stations.or to a neighborhood package water quality treatment center.

TRUNK SEWERS serve as the main arteries of the wastewater collection system. They collect and convey the wastewater from numerous main sewer lines either to a water quality treatment center or to a interceptor sewer.

INTERCEPTOR SEWERS receive the wastewater numerous from trunk sewers and convey it to a water quality treatment center. These are the largest diameter lines in the sewer system and the furthest downstream in the system.

LIFT OR PUMP STATIONS are utilized in gravity sewer systems to lift (pump) wastewater to a higher elevation when the route followed by a gravity sewer would require the sewer to be laid at an insufficient slope or at an impractical depth. Lift stations vary in size and type depending upon the quantity of wastewater to be handled and the height it must be lifted.

Building Sewer or Property Service Connection:



8" PVC Branch Sewer Line as seen by a Sewer Telespection Camera


30" Brick Main Sewer Line as seen by a Sewer Telespection Camera    


56" Brick Trunk Sewer Line


1940s Dedication Ceremony for new 27' 6" Monolithic Concrete Interceptor Sewer Line


Inspection of 1850s stone sewer – notice the flat stone slab top cap


Inspecting a damaged 48" 1870s brick sewer in the 1940s


Excavating a blocked property service connection


Excavated vitrified clay property service connection that was blocked by roots


Getting ready to root cut a property service connection prior to installing two-way cleanout


Deteriorated VCP Property Service Connection that was blocked by roots


Roots growing out of property service connection into branch sewer line


Root intrusion into property service connection as seen by a sewer telespection camera