What Happens After You Flush

Have you ever wondered what happens to the water you use after you flush your toilet, take a shower, wash clothes or wash dishes? It obviously has to go somewhere and something has to be done to treat it before it can be released to a receiving stream. This site will explain how your home plumbing system works, how wastewater is conveyed for treatment, and how it is treated before being released back into the environment.

How Does Your Toilet and Home Plumbing Work?

Why Do We Need a Wastewater Collections System?

How Does a Wastewater Collection System Work?

Components of a Wastewater Collection System


Maintaining a Wastewater Collection System

Inflow & Infiltration

How Does Wastewater Treatment Work?

Remember, we are all responsible for the environment, do your part to keep it clean and green.

What Not to Flush

Water Conservation