Lateral Extension of Sanitary Sewers


Lateral Extensions of sanitary sewers sometimes need to be constructed in order to provide sewer service for areas not currently served. This page provides a description of MSD’s sanitary sewer lateral extension approval process (with links to forms and other documents). For a more detailed description of the process, follow this link to the Lateral Extension Procedure document

MSD employs a just-in-time submittal process for lateral extension project review. A diagram of this process can be found here: Lateral Extension Just-in-time Submittals. This document outlines the process for and lists the documents needed for each stage of the review. At each stage of the process, MSD will perform a cursory review of the information provided to determine if the submittal is complete and correct. Incomplete or incorrect submittals will be returned without further review causing delays in the approval process. MSD will not store documents that are not part of a complete submittal. 

Submittal 1 – “Capacity Approval”

Obtaining sanitary sewer service requires an evaluation of the facilities downstream of the proposed development to determine if there is sufficient capacity to transport and treat expected flows from a development. MSD will perform this review based on the information provided on the Downstream Facilities Capacity Request Form. This submission must include a Site Location Map. Please note that the Downstream Facilities Capacity request may be submitted via e-mail at Please keep in mind that due to security concerns, some email providers known for spam such as and will not be accepted. Please use a reputable email provider when submitting you request. 

Once the review is completed, MSD will issue an approval, approval with conditions or a denial letter. If a denial letter is received, then the lateral extension cannot proceed to submittal 2. 

Submittal 2 – “Design Approval”

Requires submission of the following documents:

Submittal 3 – Mylar Approval

Once Submittal 2 documents have been reviewed and approved the engineer will be asked to submit the final design drawings. Final design drawings shall be submitted on double-matte, 24" x 36" sheet mylar, with a minimum thickness of 3 mils. The mylars constitute the entirety of Submittal 3. At this step, MSD will submit the required documents to the Wastewater Branch of the Kentucky Division of Water for approval. 

Submittal 4 – Permits & Contracts

After receiving a letter of approval from the Kentucky Division of Water, submittal 4 can be made. Following is a list of documents to be included in the submittal and once they are approved, a “Notice to Proceed” will be issued and an inspector assigned to the project.

Submittal 5 – Lateral Extension Release

Once the facilities have been constructed the following items must be submitted before MSD will release the sewers for connection.

List of Forms and Documents

Submittal 1 “Capacity Approval”

Downstream Facilities Capacity Request Form (Rev. 3/11). 

Submittal 2 “Design Approval”

Application for Approval of Contract Documents (Rev. 3/14)
S-1a – Construction Permit Application
Minimum Requirements Checklist for Sanitary Sewer Construction Plans (Rev. 3/03)
Instructions for Plotting Property Service Connections (Rev. 3/03)
Property Service Connection Inlet Sheet (Rev. 6/03)
Computations for Sanitary Sewer Design (example pdf) – (example.xls)
Proposed Project Plan (sample)
Sewer Extension Special Provisions (Rev. 1/12)
Standard Duplex Pump Station – Mechanical and Electrical Details
Standard Duplex Pump Station – Electrical Elevations
Reservation of Wastewater Treatment Capacity Agreement (Rev. 7/09) (if requested)

Submittal 4 – Permits & Contracts

Notice of Construction Form (Rev. 11/09)
DOW Water Quality Certification (if required)
Lateral Extension of Boundaries Agreement – Owner and Developer the same (Rev. 2/11)
Lateral Extension of Boundaries Agreement – Owner and Developer not the same (Rev. 2/11)
Corporate Resolution (Rev. 3/10)
Performance Bond (Rev. 1/06)
Maintenance Bond (Rev. 1/06)
Accepted Bid Proposal (Public) (Rev. 7/09) 
Accepted Bid Proposal (Private) (Rev. 7/09)
Wastewater Service Charges

Submittal 5 – Lateral Extension Release

Sworn Statement of Final Payment – Developer (Rev. 7/09)
Sworn Statement of Final Payment – Contractor (Rev. 7/09)
Available for connectionsChecklist for Property Service Connections and Final Record Drawings