Small local businesses have opportunity to gain MSD construction contracts

July 30, 2021

Local small businesses that provide construction services can learn more about MSD’s new Small Local Business Enterprise Program (SBE Program) at informational sessions on August 3, 4 and 5. These one-hour virtual sessions are for construction contractors interested in bidding as a prime for MSD construction-related work.

Sessions begin at 1 PM Eastern Daylight Time. Pre-registration is required. For more information or to register for one of the sessions, contact MSD Supplier Diversity and SBE Programs Manager Joy L. Walker at by Tuesday, August 3 at 5 PM. Please include “SBE Program Session” in the subject line of the email.


MSD’s Small Local Business Enterprise Program (SBE Program) assists eligible enterprises in finding construction contract opportunities. The goal of the SBE Program is to develop, promote and foster inclusiveness and economic development by assuring small, local businesses in MSD service areas have equitable access and opportunity to compete for MSD construction contracts.

Companies with a significant local business presence in Jefferson County or Oldham County (also known as MSD service areas) may be eligible to register with MSD to participate in the SBE Program. MSD designates some construction projects, ranging between $30,000 and $149,999.99 in scope, for which SBE- registered companies may bid. Companies should have an average annual revenue over the past three years of less than $5 million to be considered for the SBE Program.

“I am fully committed to MSD’s new SBE Program,” said MSD Executive Director Tony Parrott. “The SBE Program will allow MSD to more effectively target small business participation by creating contracting opportunities and technical assistance relating to MSD’s contracting and procurement.”


“With the SBE Program, we’re reaffirming our commitment to the communities we serve,” says Chief Procurement Officer René Lindsay. “This program will stimulate economic growth and development throughout Louisville’s metropolitan service area by increasing opportunities and resources for small business participation, which will have a long-lasting positive impact on our residents.”

The new SBE Program is a two-year pilot program that began July 1, 2021. The program serves as a race- and gender-neutral initiative to increase opportunities for small businesses to work with MSD. Additionally, it is expected to diversify and expand the companies doing business with MSD – by developing new resources to compete for MSD prime contracts and increase competition in the contracting community.

The SBE Program is one of several recommendations MSD is implementing following a 2018 study by Mason Tilman Associates, Ltd., that reviewed MSD’s procurement procedures and made recommendations for enhancements to deepen community impact and economic development.

For more information about the SBE Program, email or visit