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January 16, 2020

Our phone system is currently under maintenance. If you have a customer related question or service call, please send a direct message to our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts. We will respond ASAP and are sorry for the inconvenience!

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Trip into Waterway Protection Tunnel offers fresh look at project

December 17, 2019
Tunnel tour

When Michael Fitzner’s suggestion of “Bumblebee” won the contest in 2018 to name the machine boring MSD’s four-mile long Waterway Protection Tunnel, he was awarded a chance to go into the tunnel with five coworkers. On December 5, Fitzner, with Latoya English, Adonis Henderson, Patrick Meador, Cemal Mitchell and Kayla Sheckell, loaded into a large metal cage and were lowered 220 feet down the working shaft into the tunnel via a crane.

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Condition of broken sewer line under Harrods Creek significantly worse than expected

January 06, 2020

MSD contractors have finally been able to reach the bottom of the 35-feet deep repair shaft next to Harrods Creek in Prospect. Mobile cameras inserted into the pipe revealed the damage is significantly worse than expected. Both pipes under the creek have significant breaks.

The repair project is more comprehensive than initially thought, involving discussions with state and other regulatory agencies, and other utilities. Repair plans are contingent on dialogue with these agencies. MSD customers will continue to have no interruption of their sewer service.

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MSD submits for FEMA grants

January 03, 2020

MSD has submitted two applications to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) funding through the Kentucky Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency (KYEM/HS) as a sub-recipient.

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Can You Dig It

December 31, 2019

Can you dig it?

You can find out on January 30, 2020. MSD will outline upcoming opportunities for doing business with us at our annual “Can You Dig It?” event. Join us Thursday, January 30, 2020, from 10 AM to Noon at the Kentucky Center for African American Heritage, 1701 W Muhammad Ali Boulevard. Learn about our 2020 construction projects, how to register for bid notifications, about our Community Benefits and Supplier Diversity programs.


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Insulated added to reduce noise at Harrods Creek repair site

December 27, 2019

MSD today took steps to further reduce noise disturbance from the temporary pumps used to route wastewater around the sewer repair site behind Harrods Run Road and Timber Creek Court in Prospect. Insulation was added to the roof of the pump house and more straw bales were placed around the perimeter of the site. The insulation and additional straw will reduce the amount of noise escaping the pump site.

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Floodwater cleanup continues at site for Harrods Run repair

December 26, 2019

Cleanup from floodwaters that delayed repair work on a sewer line in Prospect continues at the site behind Harrods Run Road and Timber Creek Court. Construction of the steel safety enclosure that will protect workers as they do the repair 35-feet below ground level on a section of the 30-inch force main that runs under Harrods Creek will continue through the weekend.

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Work expected to resume on Harrods Creek repairs

December 23, 2019
After the flooding

Floodwaters that delayed repair work on a sewer line in Prospect over the weekend have receded and crews are now clearing out mud to regain access to the site behind Harrods Run Road and Timber Creek Court.

That will allow them to resume bracing the steel safety enclosure constructed to protect workers as they make the repair 35-feet below ground level on a section of the 30-inch force main that runs under Harrods Creek. In the meantime, MSD will extend cameras into the hole to attempt a visual assessment of the damage to the pipe. 

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Excavation of work area allows inspection and repairs of broken sewer line under Harrods Creek

December 16, 2019
Harrods Creek

Contractors continue excavating a 35-foot deep work area inside of a protective metal box— which will allow workers to safely descend 35-feet to inspect and repair the broken sewer pipe that runs under Harrods Creek in Prospect. Rainfall is compounding this challenging situation.

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Work continues on large sewer pipe under Harrods Creek in Prospect

December 13, 2019

Work is progressing at the construction site along Harrods Creek in Prospect, KY, to repair a break in a sewer line. Crews have installed about 50 percent of the sheet piling necessary to build a protective box that allows workers to descend 35-feet into the ground to make the repair. The construction of the box should be completed by early Monday. The soil will be removed from inside the box, allowing workers to safely enter the area, inspect the damage, and begin repairs to the pipe.

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