MSD joins in efforts to bring more green to Louisville

Jordan Basham
March 8, 2019

With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, Louisville MSD is helping to bring in the green in a different way. 

MSD joined with Councilman Brandon Coan (D-8) on Friday to announce the third annual Planting O’ the Green, in conjunction with the 46th St. Patrick’s Parade. The program is designed to enhance the city’s tree canopy over the next several years. This year, approximately 166 trees will be planted in various Metro Council districts.

MSD Engineer Jordan Basham emphasized the importance of trees to Louisville. “Urban tree canopy restoration plays a vital role for MSD as we strive toward our vision of safe, clean waterways,” he said. “Trees provide a host of benefits, such as reducing the urban heat island effect and helping manage excess stormwater runoff generated by hard surfaces like parking lots, roadways, and rooftops. Increased tree canopy means improved habitat for our local wildlife and cleaner, safer waterways for our city.

“This year, for St. Patrick’s Day, don’t just wear green,” Basham said. “Be green.”

Also participating in the event was Councilwoman Keisha Dorsey (D-3), Councilwoman Barbara Sexton Smith (D-4), Councilwoman Donna Purvis (D-5), and representatives of Brightside, Olmsted Parks Conservancy and the Ancient Order of Hibernians.

 “In honor of this year’s 46th St. Patrick’s Parade, we’re planting 46 trees in District 8, 46 trees in District 3, 46 trees in District 4, and more trees in District 5,” said Coan.  “Each year, we strive to replenish and expand our tree canopy, and I am proud of the volunteers and groups that have joined us to keep moving forward with this goal.”

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On March 20-21, Algonquin Park will be the first location where 46 trees will be planted between 9 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. On March 22nd, volunteers will help plant 46 trees at Clay and Breckinridge Streets between 10 a.m. and noon. On the same day, Elliot Park will see the remaining new trees planted between 9 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. The effort wraps up on March 23, when volunteers will plant the final 46 trees Ellison, Crown and Rufer avenues.