MSD Helps Launch American Business Water Coalition

June 27, 2023

MSD Becomes Founding Member of National Coalition to Support Water Infrastructure Investment

Water- reliant businesses urged to join American Business Water Coalition in advocating for congress to increase investment in public water infrastructure

LOUISVILLE, KY – Louisville MSD has joined colleague utilities to formally launch the American Business Water Coalition (ABWC), established to address the critical need for more federal investment into our nation’s water infrastructure.

The nation’s wastewater, drinking water and stormwater infrastructure is essential for the protection of human and environmental health, and provides for economic prosperity and high quality of life – yet it will require at least $1 trillion over the next 25 years to improve water infrastructure to meet the needs of the population. Without a dramatic increase in federal investment, every business in America is at risk, as illustrated in 2019, when water-service disruptions resulted in a $51 billion economic loss for just 11 water-reliant industries.

ABWC will serve as a platform for participating businesses—and the utilities that serve them—to urge Congress and the Administration to increase investment in water infrastructure, and foster relationships between businesses and their local utilities. The coalition’s executive team will provide members with the communication tools and services needed to advocate for building modern and resilient water infrastructure in America.

“Every business is dependent on our nation’s water infrastructure, and underinvestment is costing American businesses every day,” said Mae Stevens, member of the coalition’s executive team based in Washington. “The federal government currently pays less than five percent of the investment into our nation’s water infrastructure, leaving the other 95 percent of investment to come from the general public. 83 percent of water utilities in the U.S. believe that they cannot maintain a state of good repair without external funding. We need Congress and the Administration to recognize how widespread this situation is and provide adequate funding for this life-sustaining sector. That is why we have launched ABWC: to provide our nation’s businesses with a platform to advocate for infrastructure that underpins the entire economy.”

MSD joins Seattle Public Utilities and the Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans as founding members of ABWC and will serve on its advisory council.

“In our community, MSD is a key provider of three services in one utility – wastewater collection and treatment, stormwater management, and flood protection,” said Tony Parrott, MSD executive director “Without these services people cannot live, work, or play in our community. From a business perspective, economic growth and vitality cannot be achieved sustainably without what we do. Louisville MSD is proud to participate in the Business Water Coalition as a way to bring more voices of advocacy to a dialogue on water infrastructure needs and legislative support.

Current and future ABWC members will have opportunities to help secure long-term water infrastructure funding, which, once achieved, would create 800,000 new jobs.


About the American Business Water Coalition

The American Business Water Coalition is a group of water-reliant businesses—from manufacturing to energy to tech and beyond. The coalition provides a platform for businesses across the country to urge Congress and the Administration to increase investment in water infrastructure, and foster relationships between businesses and their local utilities. Learn more about the coalition here: