MSD continues progress in repairs to one of Louisville’s most critical sewer lines

ORI repair
November 15, 2018

MSD continues to work as diligently and safely as possible to repair a large, 84-inch diameter sewer line that is more than 20-feet below Main Street. It is an emergency repair since this pipe carries 40 percent of the community’s wastewater to MSD’s Morris Forman Water Quality Treatment Center for proper treatment and release to the Ohio River.

The sewer pipe is empty for the repair. MSD contractors are currently installing corrosion-resistant PVC panels that fit together by hand and are sealed to the unique shape of the pipe — forming a new pipe inside of the old one. Ventilation pipes are pumping air in and out of the pipe to keep the workers safe. The panel installation and grouting of the space between the new panels and the old pipe are expected to continue through the first week of December.

When the repair of the pipe is complete, work can begin on dismantling the pump-around, which redirects the wastewater flow during the repair. All work is expected to be complete by the end of the year.

“MSD and its contractors continue to work as quickly and safely as possible to restore this vital sewer line and fully open Main Street and River Road. We appreciate the patience of the business and tourism entities located in this vibrant corridor of our community, states MSD Executive Director Tony Parrott. “We will continue to communicate our message about the need to repair and even replace infrastructure that is vital for not only the health and safety of our community but for economic vitality as well.”

Additional work in the area

MSD is making new connections from existing sewer lines on Fifth, Sixth and Seventh streets to the large Main

Street pipe. These connections will drastically reduce combined sewer overflows into the Ohio River.

• Fifth Street –roadway expected to open by November 21

• Sixth Street – roadway expected to open by November 30

• Seventh Street – roadway to open by Friday afternoon, November 16