MSD completes acquisition of Bullitt County Sanitation District

December 15, 2021

Six employees of the Bullitt County Sanitation District (BSCD) became part of Louisville MSD on December 1 following MSD’s acquisition of BCSD on November 30.  With the transaction, MSD provides service to 4,200 Bullitt County residential customers formerly served by BCSD, Hunter’s Hollow Treatment Plant, Big Valley Sewer Utility and eight small package wastewater treatment plants.

MSD Executive Director Tony Parrott said the institutional knowledge the former BCSD employees bring to the Operations group “will combine with MSD’s expertise and resources to enhance wastewater service in the region.”

MSD will begin to decommission some of Bullitt County’s smaller treatment plants that have passed their useful life and manage that service through our larger regional treatment facilities. One of the first projects will divert wastewater flow from the former Hunters Hollow Treatment Plant and Big Wood Pump Station to our recently constructed Mud Lane Interceptor in southern Jefferson County. MSD will also develop a long-term facilities plan to identify capital improvement needs or elimination plans for all the wastewater treatment plants within the service area.

Terms of the acquisition maintain the 10-year customer rate structure Bullitt County Fiscal Court put in place in 2016 for former BCSD customers, including 12-percent annual increases. When that schedule expires in 2026, MSD will reduce the annual increases to no more than 3-percent until Bullitt County rates equalize with the rates paid by our Louisville customers.

Parrott thanked the collaboration of the Bullitt County Fiscal Court and BCSD to complete the transaction.

“A regional approach allows us to provide services holistically across the watershed, bring economies of scale, and make improvements that benefit the entire region, not just one county or the other,” he said.