Harrods Creek repairs nearing completion

Harrods Creek repairs
May 21, 2020

Prospect sewer line repair update:

Despite numerous setbacks, including flooding of the repair site on four different occasions, repairs of the two broken sewer lines under Harrods Creek in Prospect are nearing completion.

Crews entered the 42-inch gravity pipe last week to apply a final sealant coating. The testing of this pipe was also performed. The original force main is back in service, along with the new force main that was installed alongside it during this lengthy repair.

On the Ken Carla side, crews are preparing to inject grouting in the void of the casing or “holding” pipe, which will keep the two repaired pipes stable.

Site restoration is in progress on the Woodlands side with crews cutting the sheeting that formed the protective metal box to below grade and backfilling the excavation hole.


Two pipes running under Harrods Creek were damaged. The larger pipe is a gravity line, meaning contents flow through this line by the force of gravity. The other damaged pipe is a force main, meaning contents are pumped or “forced” through the pipe.

COVID-19 vital services information

MSD provides vital services of wastewater treatment, stormwater drainage and flood protection for its supporting infrastructure is crucial to public health and safety, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, the companies that are part of MSD’s supply chain—providing equipment, parts and labor—are essential.

MSD and its supply chain partners’ work complies with Governor Beshear’s Executive Orders and the Kentucky Emergency Operations Plan executed by the Division of Emergency Management.

Staff who can perform their jobs from home or work remotely are doing so. MSD employees and contractors whose work involves keeping sewer, drainage and flood protection systems in working order are practicing social distancing, and personal/workplace hygiene to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

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