Watersheds Within Jefferson County


What is a Watershed?

A watershed is the area of land where all water running off the land drains to a particular location. This location can be a stream, river, lake, wetland or ocean. No matter where you live, work, or play, you are in a watershed. A watershed can be millions of square miles (like the watershed for the Mississippi River) to a few acres (like the watershed of a farm pond). The eleven major watersheds in Jefferson County all eventually drain to the Ohio River. The major Jefferson County watersheds are:

  1. Cedar Creek
  2. Floyds Fork
  3. Goose Creek
  4. Harrods Creek
  5. Middle Fork of Beargrass Creek
  6. Mill Creek
  7. Muddy Fork of Beargrass Creek
  8. Ohio River
  9. Pennsylvania Run
  10. Pond Creek
  11. South Fork of Beargrass Creek

What is Watershed Management?

Watershed Management is a holistic approach to managing the combined impacts to the water resources and habitat within a watershed. Examples of these impacts are land use practices, erosion, wastewater treatment systems, stormwater collection systems, and pesticide uses. There are four major features unique to watershed management. The features are:

  1. Create an inventory of the watershed and target priority problems.
  2. Involve a maximum amount of stakeholders in decision making.
  3. Use the expertise and authority of the regulatory agencies.
  4. Measure the success thorough monitoring and other data collection.

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