Area Team Management

LOJIC Disclaimer

In 1997, MSD began converting to a watershed approach for managing its wastewater and stormwater programs. MSD now groups much of its activities into five area teams – Beargrass, Floyds Fork/North County, Mill Creek, North County, Pond Creek and Morris Forman Water Quality Treatment Center. The first four cover MSD’s entire service area, while the Morris Forman Area Team is concerned with the operation and improvement of MSD’s water quality treatment centers and pumping stations. The Morris Forman Plant serves parts of several different watersheds. Some of the responsibilities of the five area teams include the planning, design and construction of most of the projects in MSD’s Capital Improvement Program and the planning of the Neighborhood Maintenance Program. The map illustrates the location of responsibility for each Area Team.

The watersheds have been divided into 26 Neighborhood areas that match the Metro Louisville Council Districts. MSD uses these areas to group together service requests so that its work can be planned and scheduled more efficiently. Approximately once a year, MSD will send newsletters to its customers who have contacted MSD regarding requests for service. The newsletters inform customers of upcoming projects that will be planned and constructed in their area over the next year or two. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the newsletter for your Neighborhood, please contact the Area Team Coordinator in the appropriate Area Team.