Easements, Right-of-Way, and Right-of-Way-Entry

These are the forms needed for the granting of new Sanitary Sewer and Drainage easements and Easement Release/Encroachment plats. The "Guidelines for Release/Encroachment Plats" document will explain the minimum requirements and procedures for all easement submittals and are to help engineers, surveyors and developers through the process of submitting, reviewing and recording said plats.

Any easement or encroachment plat, whose owner is in the name of a Corporation or Partnership will need to submit a signed and notarized Corporate Resolution with said plat. All Limited Liability Companies (LLC) will be required to submit a copy of their operating agreement.



  1.   Easement Release & Encroachment Procedures
  2.   Easement Plat Checklist
  3.   Easement Certification Instruction Sheet
  4.   Encroachment Agreement
  5.   Certificate of Release of Sanitary Sewer and Drainage
  6.   Certificate of Sanitary and Sewer Drainage Easement
  7.   Easement Encroachment Example
  8.   Easement Grant Example
  9.   Easement Release Example