Wet Weather Team Stakeholder Group Support

To gather public perspective, the Critical Repair & Reinvestment Plan was prepared with substantial input from the stakeholder group members of MSD’s Wet Weather Team. Originally formed in 2006, the Wet Weather Team consists of community representatives, elected officials, MSD personnel, and technical consultants. The Stakeholder Group includes individuals recognized as community opinion leaders associated with environmental advocacy, business and industry, elected officials, local government, community neighborhood, recreation, public health, environmental justice, and organized labor interests.

Following extensive review and discussions of the Plan, the Stakeholder Group adopted a position in support of the Plan and implementation. The following statement was formally adopted by the group:

“We support this Vision for improving the community in the following ways:

  • enhance protection against the increased frequency of extreme storms that we have experienced, presumably related to the impacts of global climate change;
  • reverse the trend of deferred maintenance that threatens the reliability of our facilities and the health and safety of our community; and
  • provide for responsible growth and development consistent with applicable land use planning.” 

Click here to read the full Memorandum adopted by the Stakeholder Group Members of the Wet Weather Team.