Odor Control Technologies

Carbon Canisters - Odorous air is blown through activated carbon canisters (pictured right). The odor causing compounds are removed from the air as they are adsorbed onto the carbon. The carbon media must be periodically replaced.

Chemical Addition (Bioxide and Ferrous Chloride) - MSD currently uses calcium nitrates (Bioxide) and ferrous chloride (FeCl2) for purposes of odor control through chemical addition.

Biofilters - Odorous air is blown through organic (ex. wood chips) or inorganic (ex. plastic) media. Odors are eliminated through a natural biological oxidation process. (Organic media biofilter is pictured right.)

Packed Bed Scrubbers - Odorous air is blown up through a packed bed of plastic media and chemically treated water is trickled downward over the media. The hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg compound) and other organic compounds are adsorbed and chemically oxidized by this process.