Hite Creek Water Quality Treatment Center

The HCWQTC plant was designed as a 4.4 million gallons per day tertiary treatment facility, but has expanded to 6.0 mgd. The plant influent passes through bar screening prior to settling in primary clarifiers. The secondary treatment is an advanced process, which is designed to perform nitrification. There are two rapid sand filters and two mixed media filters, which provide tertiary treatment. Disinfection is accomplished using ultraviolet light. The effluent travels over a reoxygenation ladder prior to discharge into Hite Creek. Hite Creek is considered to be a "no-flow" stream by the Kentucky Division of Water. It is a tributary of Harrod’s Creek.

The facility operates aerobic digesters for processing of the secondary waste sludge treatment. The digested liquid sludge of approximately 2% solids is hauled by truck to the Morris Forman Treatment Plant for further processing and disposal.

Hite Creek Local Limits

Parameter Maximum Daily Concentration
Total Arsenic 0.20 mg/l
Total Cadmium 0.03 mg/l
Total Chromium 3.1 mg/l
Total Copper 0.32 mg/l
Total Lead 0.07 mg/l
Total Mercury 0.0015 mg/l
Total Nickel 1.1 mg/l
Total Silver 0.23 mg/l
Total Zinc 1.9 mg/l
Ammonia 50.0 mg/l
Cyanide, Amenable 0.04 mg/l
Oil & Grease (Hydrocarbon) 100.0 mg/l