Bells Lane

Bells Lane Wet Weather Treatment Facility Modification Project

MSD has completed the construction of a new concrete liner at the Bells Lane Wet Weather Treatment Facility, designed to help reduce odors at the facility. The liner allows a wash-down or cleaning after each use of the basin.

Construction of the liner occurred during Summer 2018. Before construction began, the basin was drained and taken out of service. 

Safe, clean waterways

The equalization basin reduces the number of combined sewer overflows in the area — preventing millions of gallons of untreated wastewater from entering the Ohio River. The basin stores a mixture of stormwater and wastewater until sewer system capacity is available. The mixture is then treated at either our Bells Lane Wet Weather Treatment Facility or sent to our Morris Forman Water Quality Treatment Center for treatment and release into the Ohio River.

The previous liner did not allow for wash-down or cleaning of the basin after each use. Solids could remain trapped in the bottom of the basin, resulting in odor issues.