One Water Initiative

Louisville MSD and Louisville Water’s One Water Initiative seeks to combine or consolidate certain back-office, administrative and support services for cost-savings and revenue opportunities for both utilities. Though, MSD and Louisville Water continue to remain separate entities.

The Initiative brings MSD and Louisville Water together under an interlocal agreement, which is a contract that allows both organizations to share building space, equipment, facilities, and other assets—allowing both utilities to be better stewards of ratepayer dollars. For instance, IT departments from both utilities came together to purchase software for both organizations, allowing a lower cost to both utilities. Louisville Water and MSD have also found savings with joint purchases in other areas of the organizations and with sharing resources. 

The interlocal agreement establishes a One Water Board comprised of two representatives from MSD, two from Louisville Water and one from the Louisville Metro Mayor’s Office. This One Water Board serves as the governing body for the One Water Initiative.

One Water (OW) Board Membership:

  • JT Sims - OW Board Chair* (Louisville MSD Board Member)
  • Ellen Hesen - OW Board Member (Chief of Staff for Louisville Metro Mayor Greg Fischer)
  • Marita Willis - OW Board Member (Louisville MSD Board Member)
  • Dr. Sharon Kerrick - OW Board Member (Board of Water Works Chair)
  • William E. Summers, IV, (Board of Water Works Member)

*Chair and Vice Chair are newly elected and are contingent upon reappointment by the Louisville MSD Board and the BOWW to the One Water Board.