Louisville & Jefferson County Riverport Industrial Park

“The Louisville & Jefferson County Riverport Industrial Park (Riverport) located in southwest Jefferson County, covers approximately 2,000 acres and is home to over 120 companies employing approximately 6,500 people from throughout the region.  Riverport is protected by the Ohio River Flood Protection System which is maintained and operated by the Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD).  Riverport benefits directly from the flood protection system administered in southwest Jefferson County by MSD.  We appreciate all our partners, including MSD, in the successful continuing development of southwest Jefferson County.”

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Jefferson Community and Technical College System (JCTCS)

“JCTCS relies on the service provided by MSD to operate and serve the needs of our students every day.  Because of the age of facilities around campus – the Broadway sewer is made of brick and was built in the 1860’s – it is imperative that we reinvest to reduce the risks to operations and the health and safety of our students.  We support reinvestment in aging pipes and drainage, to ensure that our students can attend classes without disruption, or safety concerns.”


Spalding University

“Spalding University has a fast growing, urban campus that depends on reliable service from MSD for drainage, and sewer integrity to make sure that we can provide students a safe environment to learn.  A pipe collapse due to an old system that needs to be overhauled has a significant disruption to the service that we can provide to our students.  Being in downtown, the Spalding campus is susceptible to flooding during rain events.  We support MSD’s efforts to reinvest in these aging systems to address the needs of our campus and student population.”