Floyds Fork Water Quality Treatment Center

The Floyds Fork Water Quality Treatment Center is located on Floyds Fork at Interstate 64 (view map). The plant began accepting flow in early 2001. This facility will allow MSD to eliminate existing, neighborhood package treatment plants that have a history of operational problems as the infrastructure is expanded in the area east, west and north of the plant. The initial plants eliminated with the opening of the Floyds Fork plant include Copperfield, Kirkham Trace and Cross Creek.

See how the Floyds Fork plant works

The plant is designed to receive an average daily flow of 3.25 million gallons per day and a peak flow rate of 10.4 million gallons per day. Plant facilities treat wastewater to tertiary-level standards, meaning at least 95% of its major pollutants are removed before being discharged into Floyds Fork creek, a tributary to the Salt River. Processing of wasted biosolids into Louisville Green is completed at an existing MSD facility, the Morris Forman Water Quality Treatment Center.

The plant is also the site of the Ellen Swallow Richards Ecology Learning Center.


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