Critical Repair & Reinvestment Plan

Flooded roadways, destroyed homes and raw sewage overflows are reminders that our city’s ability to thrive depends on the most basic public health and safety protection systems – wastewater, stormwater and flood protection.

MSD has completed an extensive analysis of these systems and has developed a Critical Repair & Reinvestment Plan to address the challenges posed by aging infrastructure, some of which dates back to the Civil War era. 

The difficult truth is the solutions come with a price tag of $4.3 billion over the next 20 years, including almost $500 million to finish the remaining Consent Decree projects to meet the federal order to reduce sewer overflows.

Read MSD Executive Director Tony Parrott's message to the community about Louisville's infrastructure needs in the Courier-Journal.

Issues That We Are Facing:

The issues facing Louisville are complex and impact every part of the community. The Critical Repair & Reinvestment Plan document is extensive - five volumes and hundreds of pages. However, six issues have been identified that provide a snapshot of the challenges to public health and safety across the entire system. 


Click each icon below for photos and a brief description of each issue. 

We want to hear from you: 

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Louisville can no longer avoid renewing and restoring its vital wastewater, flood protection and stormwater management facilities. Input is needed from the community to determine how soon the critical projects should be completed.

The entire Critical Repair & Reinvestment Plan - also referred to as the MSD 20-year Comprehensive Facility Plan - is online here.

Click here to read what your neighbors on the Wet Weather Team Stakeholder Group said about the Plan.

Read what we've heard so far from other community partners here.

To provide feedback, visit the Community Input page here.

Louisville Metro Office of Resilience and Community Services’ Resilience Plan and Survey

Louisville Metro is currently working on a plan to address our city’s resilience—our capacity as individuals, neighborhoods, businesses, and a community to survive, adapt, and grow not matter what chronic stresses or acute shocks we experience. As part of this work, the Office of Resilience will be looking at how resilient Louisville is based on the City Resilience Framework, and we want your input as we develop Louisville’s strategy. The Framework will address: Health & Wellbeing, Economy & Society, Infrastructure & Environment, and Leadership & Strategy.

Please take the survey at to share your thoughts on this important topic.