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Waterway Protection Tunnel continues moving forward

September 24, 2018
Boring machine

A trip to Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania, about an hour southeast of Pittsburgh, gave MSD Engineer and Project Manager Jacob Mathis, P.E. and Engineering-Collections System and Construction Manager Greg Powell, P.E. an opportunity to see the tunnel boring machine that will create the Waterway Protection Tunnel. Mt. Pleasant is where tunnel contractor J.F. Shea Co., Inc. operates a facility to rebuild and test tunnel boring machines prior to shipping to a project site.

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Tunnel Extension Means Less Disruption

September 06, 2018
Tunnel Ext

MSD held a Public Outreach Meeting August 28th to share an update on the 1.5 mile extension of the Waterway Protection Tunnel and the elimination of the I-64 & Grinstead CSO Basin. Area residents were given the opportunity to ask questions about the extension and the project in general.

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Main Street traffic reduced following discovery of new cave-in

August 23, 2018
Main Street traffic

A recently discovered sewer cave-in has forced Louisville MSD to reduce traffic on Main Street in the midst of other repairs to the same sewer line underneath the street.

The cave-in was found when video from a remote-control camera placed into the line for inspection revealed a hole in the side of the pipe. Debris, including abandoned pipes, have fallen into the large sewer line from this hole. 

The cave-in wasn’t present when MSD last inspected this portion of the pipe on June 21.

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MSD’s Waterway Protection Tunnel reaches 220-foot depth milestone

August 14, 2018
Tunnel depth

MSD contractors working to build a massive underground tunnel to prevent wastewater and stormwater from overflowing and entering the Ohio River and Beargrass Creek have reached a significant milestone. The “working” and pump station shafts — which will carry workers and equipment underground — have reached their full depth of 220 feet below the surface.  

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Rock samples from Waterway Protection Tunnel reveal Louisville history

August 13, 2018
Closeup of core sample

MSD’s project to build a tunnel 18 stories underground for wastewater and stormwater storage has also unearthed hundreds of millions of years of history.

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MSD’s Waterway Protection Tunnel to extend and capture more wastewater overflow

August 01, 2018
Tunnel Extension

MSD’s project to build a massive tunnel 18 stories underground to help keep millions of gallons of sewage out of the Ohio River and Beargrass Creek will be expanded to capture even more wastewater and stormwater overflow – and eliminate the need for a planned storage basin project.

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Louisville MSD Board Sets Focus and Rates

July 23, 2018
ORI Repair

Large cranes and construction sites are signs of progress for Louisville MSD as it significantly reduces sewer overflows into local waterways. On July 23, the MSD Board approved the utility’s 2018-19 fiscal year budget that includes more than $128 million for projects in the federal Consent Decree.

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Portion of East Broadway at South Preston Street closed due to cave-in of 152 year-old sewer line

July 23, 2018

Work is underway to repair a broken sewer pipe that runs under the middle lanes of Broadway at South Preston Street. This three-layer brick sewer installed in 1866, has experienced similar failures in different locations as recently as 2015, 2014 and 2009. The five center lanes of Broadway have been blocked to traffic, leaving one eastbound and one westbound lane open in the area.

There is no disruption of sewer service in the area during the repair.

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Repair to one of city's largest sewer pipes moves to next phase

July 09, 2018
Sixth Street

Work to repair a major sewer line running underneath downtown Louisville will continue as much of the city sleeps, beginning tonight as MSD closes streets to trench sections of Sixth, Seventh and Eighth streets immediately south of River Road and Washington Street from July 9 to 19. The trenching is needed to establish a “pump-around” that will allow MSD to empty a section of one of the city’s largest and most vital sewer lines, located under West Main Street, that is at risk of collapsing.

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Innovative approach to repair one of city’s largest sewer lines will reduce impact to downtown business and tourist area

July 05, 2018

60-year-old sewer line under Main Street experienced cave-in last year

MSD has developed an innovative approach to repair a major downtown sewer pipe at risk of a cave-in. The repair plan will largely occur underground and prevent closing and excavating sections of West Main Street, a busy commercial and tourism corridor.

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