Unusual Discharge Request (UDR)

Any short-term one-time discharge to the sewer system requires approval through MSD’s Unusual Discharge Request (UDR) program.

The UDR program gives MSD control over the type and characteristics of the wastewater being discharged and allows us to ensure that contaminants that might cause problems at the treatment plants are not allowed to enter the sewer system. UDR wastewater is normally discharged to MSD’s collection system through the discharger’s Property Service Connection (PSC) though alternate discharge points may be allowed if necessary. The approval process is described below.

Initial Request:   Companies that need to dispose of a batch of wastewater not covered by any other MSD discharge permit should direct a request to Bob Pifine at 540-6958 or bob.pifine@louisvillemsd.org.

Parameters for Analysis:   MSD will determine what parameters need to be analyzed based on the quantity and type of material to be discharged and the treatment center to which it will flow. Wastewater for all Underground Storage Tank (UST) excavations must, at a minimum, be analyzed on the following parameters:

  • Benzene, Toluene, Ethyl Benzene, Xylene (BTEX)
  • Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH or Oil & Grease Hydrocarbon)
  • Petroleum Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH)
  • Total Lead
  • Closed Cup Flashpoint

Sample Collection:   Typically, at least one representative sample must be collected of the wastewater that is proposed for discharge.  "Representative" means that the collected sample has the same characteristics as the rest of the wastewater.  Samples must be collected and analyzed in accordance with 40 CFR 136 for the parameters specified by MSD.  Other requirements can be included as part of the UDR approval.

UDR Application