Maple Street Land Use Planning Project

On August 4, 2009, West Louisville experienced widespread flash flooding, the worst of which was in the Maple Street area. To improve public health and safety, MSD pursued and was awarded a FEMA grant to assist residents and provide opportunities for those in the highest risk areas to relocate.

An advisory committee was formed in July 2016, including residents and local advocacy groups, to work toward accomplishing two objectives through community partnerships. The first is to identify possible uses for the acquired flood-prone properties, and the second is to define ownership and long-term maintenance options for the accepted use.

MSD held the final advisory committee meeting for the Maple Street area on November 14, 2017 attempting to engage champions, or entities, with an interest, a need, programming capabilities, and the vision to create a community asset. 

Maple Street Land Use Planning Information Sheet

Maple Street Area Resident Meeting

Maple Street Final Advisory Committee Meeting