Sanitary Sewer Line Replacement Program

The pipes that take wastewater from your home to the main sewer line are called sewer service lines. If your home was built before 1980, your pipes could be made of clay which can crack and/or separate over time. This could cause leaks or allow roots to enter the pipe and cause backups in your home. Even new service lines can leak if they were improperly installed.

As a homeowner, you are responsible for maintaining the sewer service line from your house to the property line/easement. Unfortunately, repairs to these pipes can be costly. So to help ease the cost of repairs and replacement, MSD offers a program that can assist you with these unexpected expenses, should they arise.

The MSD Sanitary Sewer Line Replacement program provides qualified homeowners like you with a loan (up to $5,000) for the cost of replacing your private sewer service line with PVC pipe, which is a much more durable and efficient material. You have up to three years to repay the loan at no interest (0%), along with a $270 administrative fee.

Payment Terms

Payment terms vary depending on the replacement cost as follows:

  • $0 - $1,200 (12-month term)
  • $1,201 - $2,400 (24-month term)
  • $2,401 - $5,000 (36-month term)

The replacement cost will not appear on your Louisville Water/Louisville MSD bill. You will receive a separate monthly bill from MSD approximately 30 days after the plumbing contractor has been paid.

Sanitary Sewer Line Replacement Program Requirements:

  • Single-family residential properties only.
  • Must replace the entire sewer service line, not part of it.
  • Homeowner is not delinquent on any MSD billing.

MSD and a state plumbing inspector must inspect all work. A lien will be placed on your property to secure the MSD loan. As the homeowner, you must sign all agreements. After the loan is paid in full, MSD will release the lien on your property.

The MSD Sanitary Sewer Line Replacement Program is not related to any private utility insurance program, and no monthly premiums are paid. You pay only the interest-free cost of the sanitary sewer line replacement in monthly payments over the approved loan period after the new sewer line is installed.

This program not only helps you cover the cost of replacing your older service lines and reducing the potential for sewer backups in your home, it also works to improve the entire sewer system and overall water quality in our community.

For more information, contact Customer Relations: 502.540.6000