Pretreatment and HazMat Program

In October, 1998, the MSD Executive Team created a new functional group at MSD, the Regulatory Services (RS) program. RS is as product of the MSD Pretreatment Program and the Louisville and Jefferson County Hazardous Material Ordinance. MSD administers both programs in partnership with private industry and other regulatory agencies. Structured like market-style commercial labs, the group combined.

  1. The Largest Wastewater Lab in the region;
  2. An Award Winning Pretreatment Program and it's 6.4 million dollar database; and
  3. New Technology Applications.

Our objective is to reduce customer costs, increase service and turn data into desired customer products faster. Customers include government, environmentalists, universities, hundreds of major industries, thousands of other companies and many others.

Our Products

  1. Emergency Response Risk Reduction: Monitoring sewers and surface streams to protect water quality.
  2. Daily Customer Contact in the Field: Investigating customer concerns regarding spills and other discharges.

MSD's Regulatory Services (RS) department is responsible for administering and enforcing the Hazardous Materials Program. RS also manages MSD's Pretreatment Program to ensure compliance with pretreatment standards.