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Over the past 10 years, MSD has invested more than $400 million toward achieving compliance with a federal Consent Decree meant to improve area waterways, protect public health, and enhance the community’s quality of life by reducing sewer overflows countywide. And an estimated $500 million of work is still necessary to reach completion by December 2024. While neighborhoods and commercial areas across Louisville Metro have benefitted from the Consent Decree investment, the magnitude of the required cost has impacted MSD’s ability to invest in normal upkeep, repair, and replacement of other critical areas of its systems. In an effort to minimize impacts on ratepayers, investment in non-Consent Decree infrastructure systems was reduced. As a result, the essential systems needed to support Louisville’s transformation are now in serious need of repair and reinvestment. 

MSD is seeking public input on the timing of making these repairs and reinvestments. Thank you for taking time to join the discussion! This input will be an important part of all the factors considered as these decisions are made.

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