MSD Responds to the Coronavirus

Coronavirus and MSD

MSD is an essential service to our community. As such, we must continue operating in spite of the ongoing coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic. Here are answers to common questions about what we are doing:

Why is MSD still operating?

  • MSD’s duties of wastewater treatment, stormwater drainage and flood protection are vital to the well-being of the community 24 hours a day.

What is MSD doing to protect the health of its workers?

  • We are doing what we can to help limit the health and economic effects of COVID-19 while maintaining our essential services.
  • Most of our office employees are working remotely instead of gathering in our buildings. Those that must show up for operations work have been given safety kits that include gloves, masks and hand sanitizer.
  • Vehicles and indoor work spaces are kept sanitized.

What about people who are having trouble paying their bills?

How can residents help?

  • We are asking customers to help us keep operating smoothly by making sure that they put nothing other than toilet paper in the commode. Anything else, such as “flushable” wipes, facial tissues and paper towels must be put in the regular trash in the same manner as disposable diapers.
  • Those items, because they break down much slower than toilet paper, can clog sewer lines, cause sewage to back up into homes and businesses, and damage sewage treatment facilities.
  • No one wants that on top of the problems each of us already faces in this difficult time.