The primary responsibility of the MSD Purchasing Department is to procure the materials, services, supplies, repairs and equipment required for the day-to-day operations of MSD. Purchasing’s objective is to obtain these goods and services at the lowest and best prices in a professional manner, using sound and ethical purchasing techniques.

The Metropolitan Sewer District, being a political subdivision of the State of Kentucky, has adopted the Kentucky Model Procurement Code. Procurements in excess of $20,000 are obtained by advertised sealed bidding (Section 2A of MSD's Procurement Regulations), Competitive Negotiations (Section 2B), or Non-competitive Negotiations (Section 2C). Purchases under $20,000 are obtained through Small Purchases (Section 2E) by means of written requests for quotations, telephone quote solicitations, fax or other means.

To enhance competition, reduce our costs, and speed up the procurement process, MSD has establised e-mail lists to notify vendors and suppliers of our Bids/RFPs/RFQs as they become available. Bids and other procurement and contract documents will also be posted on the MSD website for downloading.


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