MSD's Procurement Regulations and KRS45A.345-45A.460 cover the procurement of construction. MSD has made the Procurement Regulations available for download.

The method for procurement is by advertising for bid. Bids are awarded to the responsible bidder who submits a responsive bid for the lowest price or the lowest evaluated bid price.

After projects are designed, MSD projects are constructed by one of the following methods:

  1. Capital Construction Projects which are Advertised for Bid:
    A list of contractors is maintained based on those expressing interest. Project ready for construction are advertised on the MSD website and contractors are notified of the projects by a courtesy invitation of the advertisement. After sealed bids are received and opened, they are evaluated for completeness and compliance with the specifications, terms, and conditions contained in the invitation for bid. A recommendation is then made to the MSD Board for award of contracts valued over $50,000.00. Lesser amounts may be approved by the Executive Director or others that he designates.
  2. Annual Construction Projects for Stormwater, Sanitary Sewer Maintenance and Other Construction Projects:
    These projects are bid by a pre-qualified list of contractors. To be eligible, a proposal qualification package must be completed and submitted to MSD in advance or along with the bid. An MSD team reviews completed packages. Once each calendar quarter, the team recommends contractors to the MSD Board for approval. Once approved by the Board, contractors sign a non-monetary contract with MSD. As construction projects are identified for bid they are advertised on the MSD website and approved contractors are notified that plans are ready for bid. Submitted bid packages are evaluated for cost-competitiveness and minority owned and women business enterprise participation. Construction orders are then awarded typically for amounts less than $250,000.00.

If you would like more information or obtain a proposal qualification package, please see Bids/Proposals.